How To: Skin Spring Clean

It's the season of renewal!

Now is a great time to wake up your skin from its winter slumber and spring clean to restore the radiance 💫 Here are a few adjustments that can work wonders in revitalizing your skin after winter!

1. Decongest - Double cleanse to wipe away extra layers of sunscreen, sweat, and humid air that collect on your skin. Additionally, treat yourself to a deep cleansing facial to pull dirt and debris from deep within your skin.

2. Exfoliate - Sweep away any excess dead skin that built up over the winter months gently with an exfoliant and follow with a purifying mask, once a week.

3. Protect SPF is one of the most vital steps in your spring skincare routine. You need daily sun protection to help prevent premature aging, sun damage, and most importantly – skin cancer.

4. Refresh your Routine As temps rise your skin can start to resist heavier products that can result in clogged pores. Just as you would swap out your winter wardrobe for a summer one, it’s equally important to shift what you use on your skin.